Best diana lol player

Quote: Some people that are often top 10
I Play Jax
Dan Dinh
Treeeskimo I disagree with your list.

Top 3 from what i have seen. (not in any particular order)

reginaid ( plays good anivia)
sojji (but he hasnt played in a bit so idk if he still is top 3 material)
ch33sy ( saw him play a monster ashe. but its ashe....)

Quote: L0CUST : Eh.. still wouldn't go by the ELO system once you get near the top. Though MegaZero did do some pretty good stuff with Anivia the other day.. some of the people on that list really aren't all that impressive.


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Best diana lol player

best diana lol player


best diana lol playerbest diana lol playerbest diana lol playerbest diana lol playerbest diana lol player