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There are several churches for you to admire in Bol. The most famous is the Gothic-Renaissance church, Our Lady of Grace from the 15th century (currently under renovation as at June 2014). Standing at the altar is a renaissance painting of Madonna and Child with Saints, painted by famed Jacopo Tintoretto . The altarpiece was restored in 2003 at the Croatian Conservation Institute, and I was fortunate enough to see the painting in an exclusive private viewing earlier this year. Once open again to the public, I would encourage you to visit to appreciate this intricate portrait close-up.

“About 300 to 400”.  There were maybe 20 or 30 in the gymnasium of the school already.  I estimated capacity of the floor space to reasonably be about 300.  400 would be cramped and potentially invite “personality clashes”.  Of the 20 or 30 people already there, about 1/3 of them looked like trouble or idiots… too high a percentage in my estimation.  I went to check the rest room facilities… what would that be like for 400 people?  In a word, “terribly inadequate”.  Just three toilets in the men’s room, and other areas of the school were marked “inaccessible”. There was already a homeless guy in the men’s room taking a “sponge bath” and making a mess of the place, and the real crisis had not hit yet.  This was not looking good.

Bol t blog

bol t blog


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