Dbol results

“In my experience, saving weight wherever you can always results in a better performing motorcycle. The weight reduction program for the Bol d’Or starts with the use of high tech composite to replace the plastic OEM bodywork. Using a specially formulated epoxy Kevlar matrix for the newly styled 20 liter gas tank reduces the weight significantly to lb. All the bodywork combined (including fairing stay) weighs only lb. Additional weight reduction is achieved by our aluminum subframe, the lightweight high performing exhaust system, and our WSM rear sets machined from 7075-T651 aerospace grade aluminum. 

NOTE:  An LSP Signature or Opinion is not required for the BOL Attestation of Shipment. In order to file a BOL Attestation of Shipment in eDEP both the PRP and a representative of the Receiving Facility will need to be registered in eDEP with a username and password. Register in   eDEP .

PRPs and representatives of the Receiving Facility can also download copies of the BWSC112, BWSC112A, and BWSC112B forms from our Transmittal Forms page to submit a paper copy of the BOL Attestation of Shipment to the regional office.

MassDEP does not consider the Bill of Lading Package complete unless a Bill of Lading with attached Remediation Waste Characterization and an Attestation of Completion of Shipment to Receiving Facility is received by MassDEP.

Dbol results

d bol results


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