Dbol effects on liver

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Been getting a lot of different opinions on what are the best "liver support" on orals such as dbol. As far as me, I've always used Milk Thistle and Liv-52 but it seems people more and more talk about the benefits of ALA and NAC. Now obviously nothing can actually get rid of the toxicity and damage but if it can be lowered as much as possible then that's a win for me. At what dosages would ALA and NAC be beneficial? Ive heard things that something as low as 50mg of ALA can provide protection but then you do research and find that for medical uses doctors may advice up to 600-1,200 milligrams a day and some steroid users advice that as well. now that is a HUGE jump if you asked me. Any help would be appreciated. What do you guys use? Im trying to take as many precautions as I can. Thanks

Dbol effects on liver

dbol effects on liver


dbol effects on liverdbol effects on liverdbol effects on liverdbol effects on liverdbol effects on liver