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2015 - Layne Luckwell - The UPS Store
2014 - Karen Compagnon - Costco
2013 - Derrick Mysko - IPAC Services
2012 - James Melmoth - CCSI
2011 - Maureen Bailey - Recycle Plus
2010 - Scott Carroll
2009 - Mikki Redlick
2008 - Bethe Goldie
2007 - Jennifer Doucet
2006 - Jae Jay Dorsheid
2004 - Tab Pollock
2003 - Erin Vig
2002 - LeAnne Reynaud
2001 - Maureen Martel
2000 - Dave La Count
1999 - Heln Metituk
1998 - Jan Leroux
1997 - Barry Shopka
1996 - Jennie Dideur

One of them was called “Nature Boy,” about a “very strange enchanted boy” who wanders around “over land and sea,” and who finally realizes “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.” One of the Nature Boys, Gypsy Boots — a vivacious character who also helped to popularize health food and yoga in the Southern California area — has for decades claimed that he, in fact, was the “Nature Boy” that ahbez wrote his song about, although it probably could have been any one of the Nature Boys, frankly. We should probably mention here that, at some point, ahbez also eventually settled down, and married a woman named Anna Jacobson, but little is known about her life.

Park’s painting, for which he was paid $250, almost didn’t see the light of day. Zappa butted heads with Warner Bros. over its suitability for release. “Evidently,” says Park, “there was quite a confrontation that occurred over this cover. It wasn’t up to their standards.” Even after Warner Bros. finally consented to use it, there were problems. “The printer was greatly offended,” says Park. “The girl who worked for him, his assistant, she wouldn’t touch the painting. She wouldn’t pick it up with her hands.” Zappa and Park, meanwhile, were tickled silly by the brouhaha: “I was greatly amused by the cover, and so was Frank,” says Park. “I mean, we giggled a lot.”

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