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Eventually, the Decepticons went into hiding following the resurrection of Optimus Prime. When they returned, it was in force, launching an attack on Autobot City in order to steal the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber on Cybertron, intending to use the chamber to overload the sun and destroy Earth and Cybertron together. The battle for the key carried several of their number to the planet Nebulos , where they became binary bonded to the planet's evil rulers, the Hive , as Headmasters and Targetmasters . They returned with the key to Cybertron, but Autobot intervention caused the energy of the chamber to backfire on them, hurling their battlestation Scorponok , with the amassed forces of the Decepticons aboard, off into the far reaches of the universe. The Rebirth

The Love bracelet (styled L⊝Ve, with the horizontal line inside the letter "O" alluding to the bracelet's locking mechanism) is a famous piece of jewelry for Cartier designed in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo. The bracelet quickly became popular for its intentional resemblance in function to medieval chastity belts. The earlier bracelets were gold plated, while more recent examples are solid (as of 2014) continues to make the bracelets, and has since created other products based on the original bracelet's design, including cufflinks, rings, necklaces and watches, expanding the design into a jewelry line.

Japanese Generation 1 cartoon continuity is a complicated thing. This timeline is, at its heart, a combined translation of two official Japanese timelines published as part of the Kiss Players line, which combine the events of the original (US) cartoon , the original Japanese series, Generation 2 , Beast Wars , Beast Machines , Micromaster , Robotmasters , Binaltech , Binaltech Asterisk , Kiss Players continuities, and more. Along with linking existing events from these series the timelines also recorded several new events and retconned several others to make all the material fit (roughly) together.

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