Diana lol runes

I’ve been playing for like a month and it seems like I done everything wrong. Still stuck on gb5 and can’t pass faimon hell. I have mostly shitty runes, my Bernard is 3*, I don’t have any 6* monster, still don’t get Veromos, used Shannon and fire hellhound as food, and used my Konamiya in fusion :/
My 5* are Fuco, Akia, Susano, Khmun, Gina and Natalie. My 4* are Belladeon, Teon, Ahman, Lucien, Tien Qin, Elucia, Lapis, Eluin, Garoche, Fire Horus, Raoq, Suri, Arang, wind ninja, wind mermaid, Selena, Kumae and Dusky.
Can anyone help me to fix my mess??

To reach her potential Akali needs to farm to level 6 as soon as possible and will usually build a Hextech Revolver quickly. At such time she can feed herself as she can 1v1 or 1v2 many opponents.  Preventing her from reaching these goals is the best way to stop Akali from taking control of the game.  During the early game harass Akali immediately after she uses her Q, Mark of the Assassin to farm a minion.  This prevents much of the damage any champion would take when exchanging with Akali and will usually cause her to back off and wait for a reset.  Vision granting abilities or consumables such as Vision Wards or Oracles Elixir will remove the advantage Akali gains when using her W, Twilight Shroud. Getting early magic resist through runes, masteries and early buys is recommended.

Hello. I want to upgrade my team from Sig(L), Megan, Bella, Vero, Hraev currently running at 2:30 to 3:30 at about 85% success rate.
I want to clear it in under 2 mins or better at higher success rate. What team composition should i use.
Monster i currently have
6 Stars
Lapis, Woosa, Megan, MoLong, Sigmarus, Zaiross, Baretta, Spectra, Hraev, Bella, Vero, Mav
5 Stars
Lushen, Briand, Mihyang, Colleen, Kona, Bernard, Shannon…
What should be the best team composition and stats needed thanks in advance…

Diana lol runes

diana lol runes


diana lol runesdiana lol runesdiana lol runesdiana lol runesdiana lol runes