Dianabol sexdrive

Even combining low and high reps is a waste of time if your main focus is mass gains, because all those low rep sets are a waste of energy that could be put into building tissue post-workout. You still end up with a lower metabolic rate doing combo than you would if all you did was high reps, which means less total mass gains than high reps only. Heavy lifting also causes joint problems, spinal compression, rheumatoid arthritis, and nasty injuries like muscle and tendon tears. I can see how a high rep finisher set would be great for powerlifters to keep from plateauing in strength gains by increasing mass gains, but for someone interested in general fitness or bodybuilding, high-low combos are a complete waste of time.

Truth: The truth is – it’s not. No anabolic steroid is safe when the endocrine system is developing or not fully mature. We have already touched on the effects on the HPTA (Hypothalamic Pituitary-Testicular Axis) and it causes some degree of suppression. This is magnified when Anavar is used by teens and those without a fully matured endocrine system and a baseline level of testosterone. It will cause damage, though, less than other anabolic steroids,  but it can cause issues and if its used during young ages, use  a lower dose of 20-30mg daily for males and limit use. Anavar will not cause stunted growth or loss of height during puberty as it does not directly influence estrogen levels or aromatase , but can due to testosterone inhibition cause changes.

Dianabol sexdrive

dianabol sexdrive