Dianabol tablets pics

@Kat919 - No, I'm pretty sure that these days, dianabol is only used for stealth muscle building. There are better treatments now for a lot things that dianabol and other steroids used to be used for. Like they used to prescribe anabolic steroids to help children with growth problems, but now synthetic growth hormone is available. Kat919
Post 1 I've heard that anabolic steroids can have legitimate medical uses. A cousin of mine had some kind of hormone issue around puberty and was prescribed supplemental testosterone, for instance. And I used to work with a guy who had AIDS (not HIV, he was really sick) and had been prescribed steroids to combat the wasting he was experiencing. But the article doesn't mention any medical uses for dianabol. Are there any legitimate uses for it? Post your comments Post Anonymously Please enter the code:

Dianabol tablets pics

dianabol tablets pics


dianabol tablets picsdianabol tablets picsdianabol tablets picsdianabol tablets picsdianabol tablets pics