Diebold security

Diebold´s North American Electronic Security business, based in Green, Ohio, USA, is the third largest commercial electronic security provider in North America. For more than 70 years, Diebold´s North American Electronic Security business has brought together technology innovations, security expertise and quality services to become a leading provider of comprehensive electronic security solutions and services to business customers. Today the operation delivers a full spectrum of capabilities including design, build, integration, installation, monitoring and service providing compelling value propositions to customers. The monitoring services include intrusion alarms, fire alarms and sprinklers, and monitoring of elevators. Diebold´s North American Electronic Security business has approximately 1,100 employees. The operation includes more than 55,000 monitored customer locations and 200,000 sites serviced. Securitas’ worldwide strategy is to increase security solutions and technology as a part of the offering.

Diebold security

diebold security


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