Dodecanoic acid methyl ester

Straight chain fatty acids, mono basic, aliphatic, terminating in a single carboxyl group and of reduced hydrogen content than their saturated counterparts, constitute the ethylenic family of unsaturated fatty acids. They are of considerable importance since linkage with other chemical radicals is readily accomplished at the double bond positions. Multiple unsaturation is found in almost all natural occurring vegetable and animal fats. Research in recent years has shown them to be of great significance.
Double bonds are susceptible to oxidation so that stability is a factor to be reckoned with (especially polyunsaturated compounds) when researching unsaturated fatty acids or their corresponding esters.
Highly purified unsaturated compounds prepared in our laboratory are always flushed several times with nitrogen, sealed in glass under vacuum and stored under cold conditions until ready for shipment.
Nu-Chek suggests that when your shipment is received, they should be stored under cold conditions until ready for use. Once vial is opened protect with N2 and use as soon as possible.

N , N -Dimethyl(chloromethylene)ammonium chloride (ClHC=N + (CH 3 ) 2 Cl − ) is a highly chemoselective agent for carboxylic acid reduction. It selectively activates the carboxylic acid to give the carboxymethyleneammonium salt, which can be reduced by a mild reductant like lithium tris( t -butoxy)aluminum hydride to afford an aldehyde in a one pot procedure. This procedure is known to tolerate reactive carbonyl functionalities such as ketone as well as moderately reactive ester, olefin, nitrile, and halide moieties. [8]

Dodecanoic acid methyl ester

dodecanoic acid methyl ester


dodecanoic acid methyl esterdodecanoic acid methyl esterdodecanoic acid methyl esterdodecanoic acid methyl esterdodecanoic acid methyl ester