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Seriously, the stadium should have been razed at this time last year with Steven Adler’s Guns N’ Roses reunion as its final chapter because that’s a hell of a lot better than whatever the fuck the Bengals plan on writing. Paul Brown Stadium consistently houses the most embarrassing fan behavior I’ve witnessed, and this is coming from a guy who regularly attends games at Rupp Arena. Considering the average fan, it is nauseatingly apposite that this franchise’s last playoff win is chronologically closer to the 1964 production of the first Ford Mustang than it is to the present day. Sometimes, I find myself secretly yearning for the 1990s Riverfront Stadium days when Kordell Stewart would come to the line for the Steelers, flap his arms, and successfully hush the crowd. In the away stadium.

Bol Bachchan opened better at single screens as compared to multiplexes. Single screens on average opened to around 70% mark while multiplexes were more closer to the 60% mark. [31] Bol Bachchan collected around ₹ 113 million (US$ million) nett on its first day. [32] Bol Bachchan had a good jump on Sunday as it grossed around ₹ 148 million (US$ million) nett for a ₹ 380 million (US$ million) nett weekend. [33] The film collected ₹ 60 million (US$940,000) on Monday. [34] Bol Bachchan has come into its own on Tuesday with strong collections of around ₹ million (US$900,000) nett and a total of ₹ 500 million (US$ million) nett in five days. [35] Bol Bachchan has had a good first week and collected ₹ 600 million (US$ million) first week collections of Bol Bachchan are better than Singham but less than Golmaal 3 . [36] Bol Bachchan collected around ₹ million (US$510,000) nett on its second Friday. It is a 70% drop from its first day as multiplex business was hit by the new release Cocktail but single screen business remained good. The film has collected around ₹ 630 million (US$ million) nett in eight days. [37] Bol Bachchan crossed the ₹ 750 million (US$12 million) nett mark in ten days as it grossed ₹ 148 million (US$ million) nett approx over the weekend. [38] Bol Bachchan grossed around ₹ 223 million (US$ million) nett in its second week taking its two-week total to ₹ 830 million (US$13 million) nett. [39] Bol Bachchan grossed ₹ million (US$ million) nett approx in week three,thus taken its total to ₹ 928 million (US$14 million). [40] Bol Bachchan had grossed ₹ 1 billion (US$16 million) at the end of its run in domestic market. [41] Its final distributor share was around ₹ 528 million (US$ million). [42]

The Romans improved on even that: After considering Rome's many accomplishments, Pliny the Elder called the sewers "the greatest accomplishment of all." (The word "sewer" comes from the Latin exaquare, "to carry away water.") The constant flow of water coming into the city from the aqueducts supplied public fountains and baths, and Romans figured out that public bathwater ought to be changed a couple of times a day. "They built public latrine buildings immediately adjacent to the baths," Schladweiler says, and flushed the latrines by routing the used bathwater under them. The majority of human waste, though, was simply thrown into the streets; aqueduct water was used to wash the streets and sweep that waste into the drains. Because Roman sewers lacked ventilation, the only egress for sewer gas was those same drains and latrines. On the plus side, Romans also invented portable toilets, setting urns by the side of the road near the entrances to the city (vendors would rent you what Schladweiler calls "a modesty cape"). Further, the 1st-century emperor Vespasian had workers collect the contents of urinals, which he then taxed and sold to fullers, tradesmen who cleaned and dyed the Romans' clothing--they had figured out that the ammonia in urine had cleaning powers.

Does t bol work

does t bol work


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