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Bonnar is a fan of the rock band The Who and used their song " Eminence Front " as his entrance music to his UFC fights. His love of music led him to become for a short period of time the drummer for the Pop/rock group "The Breeders." Outside of competition, Bonnar has done commentary work for televised MMA programming, notably serving as the WEC 's color commentator for most of 2010, calling 5 of their final 7 cards. He has also made appearances as an analyst on the ESPN2 series MMA Live and for UFC broadcasts on the Fox television networks.

On October 26, 1897, McLeod defeated Martin “Farmer” Burns to win the American Catch as Catch Can Heavyweight Championship, which he would retain for four years. The most notable incident during his reign as champion came far away from the media spotlight when on June 18, 1899; McLeod met and defeated a young Frank Gotch in a hard-fought impromptu match on a cinder track. It was Gotch’s very first professional match and he later recounted that McLeod had hustled all involved by pretending to be a simple furniture dealer from a neighboring town, but was impressed enough by Gotch’s talent to leave him a visiting card revealing his true identity.

Larkin was born and raised in Riverside, California as one of nine siblings. Larkin began training in boxing at a young age and also played football, but soon gave it up because he did not excel at it or other team sports. He attended Riverside Polytechnic High School . [5] Afterwards, he continued boxing but was not able to compete as much as he would like to, due to his father's objections. Larkin also felt that he was too short to be a professional boxer in the heavyweight division, so he took up Kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu which led him to mixed martial arts. Prior to his career in mixed martial arts, Larkin also trained in Kung Fu . In an interview, Larkin stated he enjoyed the martial arts movies that were ever so popular around the time he was growing up and wanted to be a Kung Fu fighter. [6] [7]

Drostanolone for mma

drostanolone for mma


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