Il primo bacio test

A beautiful, old style, flowery oriental fragrance. A more heavy than light fragrance. A proper perfume, meaning that it has what many modern fragrances lack: actual topnotes, middlenotes and basenotes. The fragrance develops on skin for several hours (instead of falling flat on skin and staying linear).

Top: A fresh and powdery blast of bergamot, blackcurrant, carnation, muguet, rose, amber and myrrh.
Middle: Dried fruits and flowers over the bed of amber, musk, sandalwood and myrrh.
Base: All powdery amber, musk, sandalwood and myrrh, some remains of the fruity and flowery aspects lingering in between.

The very different experiences/reviews on this one tell the essential about Roma. At least the older versions have different facets showing up during different wearings/wearers. Don't know how the most recent versions perform.

I love putting on Roma because I never know which notes will be emphasized in the beginning. The middle and the drydown end up being pretty much the same every time, but when the top notes first hit your nose it could be one of these, or some different combination that's emphasized:
powdery amber
powdery fruity
fruity amber
fruity floral
powdery musky floral
metallic, woody and some myrrh
myrrh, musk and amber

Il primo bacio test

il primo bacio test


il primo bacio testil primo bacio testil primo bacio testil primo bacio testil primo bacio test