Intermediate lean bulk cycle

I luv the math question to prove you’re not a bot. As always experience speaks the truth on this one. I feel as though the 300-500 over maint. threshold is what’s workin for me. 188 as of today and the trend since June seems to support a half to three quarters of a pd gain per month. I have solid will power so cheat days are really a non-issue. I have also found that using the plates in conjunction with timely progressive overload and reverse pyramid keep me from hittin any walls. Great read and hope it opens some eyes to the ‘obvious’.

Hey, I’ve been reading a lot from your site for the past week or two & I must say it’s really informative and helpful! I have a few questions though due to my goals and experience level. I practice Martial Arts and I mostly follow the teachings Bruce Lee left behind. Not sure if you know much about him, but he used weight training in his workouts so I needed a weight training workout for myself. I was already starting to plan it, and then I found your site (thank God). According to what you’ve written here, I’m a beginner and my goals are a bit complicated in a way. They pertain to performance, but also require a bit of looks. Performance-wise I want to gain strength, and increase endurance. But I also need tons of flexibility for Martial Arts. So in order to get that flexibility and stay nimble/agile I need to stay lean and not get big, so I need to lose fat and not get bulky as well. I know it’s pretty much myths to get bulky like you’ve said, but I just wanted to make sure. So, I’m planning on following the guide you made here and making my weight training workout in order to gain the strength I need. I know from a previous comment I read that it’s okay to do cardio for endurance and fat loss in between the weight training days. But how would the diet work when I want to gain strength but also gain endurance, lose fat, and stay as slim and lean as possible. I know that to lose fat I need a calorie deficit, and to gain muscle and strength I need a surplus. So how would I balance the diet to gain strength on the weight training days, and lose fat/gain endurance on the cardio days? Do I use the surplus on weight days, and use the deficit on cardio days? Or is there another way to it?

Intermediate lean bulk cycle

intermediate lean bulk cycle


intermediate lean bulk cycleintermediate lean bulk cycleintermediate lean bulk cycleintermediate lean bulk cycleintermediate lean bulk cycle