Lean total cycle time

“You could have a lot of reasons to be angry at a white rapper,” says his producer Yung Gud. Born Carl-Mikael Göran Berlander, he’s of mixed race heritage — his grandfather was a Nigerian man who met his grandmother, a Swede, in London, and started a family that Gud calls “the result of racial tourism.” When it comes to white rappers, Gud says, “You have people like Slim Jesus and this Stitches dude that just fuck it up. They do weird shit that they shouldn't do because it's serious.” By serious, he means serious: the way “centuries of forced labor and oppression [created the need for] the black hip-hop community to actually have its own arena to do things.” But then Gud introduces a twist. Coming from Sweden, he says, “I wouldn't say we have the same acute responsibility as a white American to step aside.”

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Lean total cycle time

lean total cycle time


lean total cycle timelean total cycle timelean total cycle timelean total cycle timelean total cycle time