Mast prop with test e

The photo of the trailer shows it in its ‘bare’ state as the wheels/docking arms/draw bar are kept at home. The photo with the Corribee onboard (Corribee & skipper not included) illustrates how the complete system works – the trailer is attached to a tractor or winch for lowering down the slipway. For recovery the docking arms locate the boat centrally over the trailer, while lines from the drawbar position the boat fore and aft. The boat and trailer can be pushed around the yard by 3 people. The trailer itself can just about be lifted by two strong guys.

A little background music, Maestro…Back in the middle 1990s, I was doing pre-listing inspections for my wife’s small boat brokerage (Pocket Cruisers). Small cruisers yielded small commissions and the last thing she needed was for a boat deal to fail because of a negative survey. I looked at around one-hundred boats and labeled about 30% as “junk”. Pocket Cruisers never lost a sale due to a bad survey. As luck would have it, a local surveying company offered to teach me the fine art and took me on as an apprentice. In 2005, I passed the exam and was accredited SAMS - AMS (Yachts & Small Craft) by the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors and have worked for HMS (Maine surveying company) until retiring in 2011. As a retired surveyor, I can be blunt and opinionated without ruffling any feathers.

Back aboard, of course, in the tropical heat, removing it from the packaging was a sticky gooey mess, thank goodness it resided in it’s own plastic tray, designed to contain the goo.   Looking at the ring and the mast step, now cleaned out and exposed, David decided the only way to tackle this mess was to be messier!  So he started forcing the toilet wax ring around the mast … in chunks, obviously since it didn’t fit exactly.  Ooey gooey described this step perfectly.  We were just hoping we’d never have to REMOVE this mess!  One advantage of the wax being so gooey was that it formed exactly to the shape around the mast and the metal ring surrounding it.

Mast prop with test e

mast prop with test e


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