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Hey Anon, my "hollow earth" section is still on the site, and I haven't "changed my tune," as I mentioned in the article you posted, I read all the hollow earth accounts, listed the circumstantial evidence (which still stands, and much of it is explained by the flat-Earth model), and asked what people thought of the possibility? I even linked people to a flat-Earth book in the comments section. That's not me changing my tune, that's the process of me tuning my discernment.

For the other anonymous, ley lines certainly exist and Freemasons are the ones who build on them! There are no other physical terra firma floating around in space, Earth is the only material plane. There is certainly plenty of evidence of giant human beings living in Earth's history (Annunaki, Nephilim, Raphiem, Titans), but no evidence of them being aliens from other planets... the word "planet" itself is relatively new, as Earth was always referred to as a "plane." The Earth plane. Not a "planet." The 7 "planets" were always called wandering stars, because you can see through a telescope, they are only different from the fixed stars in their relative motions. They are simply, clearly, flat luminous discs and nothing more. Not huge physical terra firma floating around with aliens stuck to all sides as they want you to believe.

The first step in the Peripatetic arguments is Aristotle’s proof of the completeness and perfection of the world. For, he tells us, it is not a mere line, nor a bare surface, but a body having length, breadth, and depth. Since there are only these three dimensions, the world, having these, has them all, and, having the Whole, is perfect. To be sure, I much wish that Aristotle had proved to me by rigorous deductions that simple length constitutes the dimension which we call a line, which by the addition of breadth becomes a surface; that by further adding altitude or depth to this there results a body, and that after these three dimensions there is no passing farther – so that by these three alone, completeness, or, so to speak, wholeness is concluded. Especially since he might have done so very plainly and speedily.

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