Proviron and test

Week 1 - 12: Test Enanthate @ 600mg per week (2 shots - monday, thursday)
Week 1 - 10: Deca (Deconate) @ 400mg per week (mixed with test shots - 200mg each)
Week 1 - 12: Proviron @ 50mg per day
Week 1 - 5: Dianabol @ 20mg, 30mg, 40mg, 30 mg, 20mg
Week 1 - 12: Cabergoline @ twice a week
Week 1 - 5: Nolvadex 20mg per day (just to decrease water retention while on dbol) - would armidex at
E3D be a better option?
Week 8: HCG (2000ius monday, 1000ius wednesday, 500ius friday)
Week 9: HCG (1000ius monday, 500ius wednesday, 500ius friday)
Week 10: HCG (250ius monday, 250ius wednesday, 250ius friday)
Week 13 - 18: Waiting period - TestE @ 100mg per week
Week 19: TestE @ 80mg per wee; start Clomid treatment (60mgs day 1 then 40mgs for 10 days, 20mgs for 10
days, 10mgs for 10 days)
week 20: TestE @ 60mg per week
week 21: TestE @ 50mg per week (should be off all AI's/SERMS by then)
week 22: TestE @ 40mg per week
week 23: TestE @ 30mg per week
week 24: TestE @ 20mg per week

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Proviron and test

proviron and test


proviron and testproviron and testproviron and testproviron and testproviron and test