Tbolt clamps napa

"ok start the car up after its cooled down, with the reservoir open, add coolant/distilled water slowly, with the heater on full blast, just let it idle for a few minutes, then start reving it up to 2000-3000 a few times, and then start massaging the upper hose, when you massage it you are creating different pressure passage ways, so you'll see the air trying to escape on its out route, you'll see the bubbles form at the top of the reservoir ,a trick is to pinch the top hose rev it up for a little, and then let it go, pinch the hose and let it go, you'll see HUGE bubbles start to come out from the reservoir top, keep doing this until you feel the bottom thermostat hose is hot, and make sure your heater is blowing hot air, and the car is not overheating, if this cycle doesn't work the first time around, cap the system off, go drive it around the block a few times with the heater on still, then park it and let it kool down, and do the process over, it may take up to 3-5 times of doing this to get it done, if you get really good with pinching the hose and making the passages for the air bubbles, you can do it in 2 tries.  Once the lower thermostat hose is getting hot, make sure the fan switch is hot also, and once the fans do come on, cap it off, and let it cycle for a bit.....

Tbolt clamps napa

t bolt clamps napa


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