T-bolt media

The NORMA Group owns NORMA that holds the TORRO Design, which is still ‘the best all rounder’ of all worm-drive clamps. Another NORMA clamp is the ‘mechanically locked’ GBSM clamp, with 50 - 70% improved clamping force. For extra heavy clamping force, farmers use the S sealing clamp. It is ideal for submersible pump applications. The well established OETIKER brand is a preferred irrigation connection supplier, with its ever popular one-eared mechanical interlock crimp clamp, the  most cost effective in  irrigation.

When it comes to school news programs, we know one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Maybe your “stories” look more like video broadcasts and photo essays. Maybe your news staff is passionate about sports coverage. Or maybe you’re into quality, no-frills reporting. SNO sites are designed to accommodate your needs—not the other way around. Indulge your inner scientist with infographics. Podcast your way to fame. Drag and drop like it’s hot. Feast on our customization options. No matter how you roll, we’ve got wheels for that. Vroom.

T-bolt media

t-bolt media


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