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Wanted to update since it has been awhile. I haven't experienced the issue lately, nor has my wife both using Note 5s on T-mo. I didn't mention that I had this issue on At&t as well near the end of 2015. That was on the GS6edge+. My wife was getting the issue from multiple recipients, while I was only having the weird symbol issue from one person. I also didn't mention that I came across a thread online that suggested a misconfigured APN (access point name) could be the issue. I did reset it to default, but it didn't solve the issue. Basically, after it happening quite regularly, the problem has since disappeared. God Bless America.

3.    As part of the 25-year contract, FirstNet will provide AT&T with a swath of 20 MHz of spectrum in the 700 MHz frequency band for the entire duration. AT&T will also be given success-based payments of $ billion in the next five years to design and build the network. The company is expected to spend around $40 billion over the life of the contract to build, deploy, operate and maintain the network. AT&T has projected that this contract will create more than 10,000 jobs in the next two years.  (Read more:  AT&T Unveils Individual State Plans for FirstNet Project )

Ultimately, with all the questions swirling around the rumored deal, Sprint investors may be concerned that they won’t be getting paid a premium. The two carriers could combine and leave Sprint shareholders, including SoftBank, with a minority stake that’s at least initially worth less the $35 billion or so that Sprint was worth at its height earlier this year. The biggest recent single day sell-off in Sprint shares happened on September 25 after a report that Deutsche Telekom was pressing for a deal that valued Sprint below its stock market value. So likely the most important factor weighing on investors, and Sprint’s share price, is the concern that the merger will happen but without any bounty for current shareholders.

T-mobile stock

t-mobile stock


t-mobile stockt-mobile stockt-mobile stockt-mobile stockt-mobile stock