What is the dosage for proviron

Man da.
I have had 3 back surgeries and live in chronic pain. Currently have 1 ruptured and 2 slipped and heavily compressed discs. I was on all manner of heavy pain Ned’s for 7 years. They were ruinin my life.
Now I take a teaspoon of every 3 to 8hrs.
Definitely give it a try.
It does work like oxycodi e so you will get constipated..not much way around it. You will develop a tolerance as well. Start with as low a dosage as works and go from there.
A coffee enema at least once a month keeps body toxins in check. Good luck!

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What is the dosage for proviron

what is the dosage for proviron


what is the dosage for provironwhat is the dosage for provironwhat is the dosage for provironwhat is the dosage for provironwhat is the dosage for proviron